Creative History visits promote the development of historical skills through active learning. Our extensive resources enable us to assemble a cornucopia of boxes, which, when unpacked, transform the learning space into a memorable visit.

Founded by an experienced teacher, our training and workshops are designed for busy teachers with busy lives who need practical classroom activities. Historical Characters and Theme Days add sparkle to your history curriculum.  Our replica artefacts and costumes can be used for displays and interactive learning to help enliven your teaching or simply for your own interest.  Our aim is to make the learning experience easier for teachers and pupils alike!

Troubled by the recent changes to the National Curriculum? We can help with the ‘new’ 2015 topics: Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Maya, Comparing the Queens (KS1), The Captain of the Carpathia.  We still cover Roman BritainAnglo-Saxons, Vikings, Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, and many others.

Historical Characters and Theme Days

A figure from the past or history on a theme…

  • Half or whole-day sessions tailored to your needs.
  • To make the past feel more real we bring an extensive range of resources (most of which can be handled by the children).
  • We offer a range of workshops that can be selected and tuned to match your teaching objectives.
  • All sessions are run by a qualified teacher.  We take the strain, not you!
  • As an additional activity we can bring a travelling shop. This can consist of a stall from the past, themed on the day or a full range of artefacts and gifts.

Historical Character Visits

Bring a period of history to life when a figure from the past comes to visit with a range of interesting objects and a story to tell.  We offer characters from Ancient EgyptAncient Greece, Roman BritainViking, Mediaeval, Mayan, Tudor, Stuart (fire of London), VictorianEdwardian and 1950s.  We don’t have the character you need at present?  Just ask and we may be able to help!

Theme Days

Theme Days span several historical periods and cover one or more themes.  We currently offer topics on Dinosaurs, The Stone AgeThe ArchaeologistsNursery Rhymes, Toys, Fashion, Food, Homes, Packaging & Textiles and Space.  For example, “The Toy Factory” includes comparisons between Egyptian, Tudor, Victorian and 20th century toys.  Theme Days are also fantastic for supporting other curriculum areas.  For example we can look at the topics from Design and TechnologyArt or Science perspectives.  If we don’t cover the topic you are teaching, let us know what you need and we may be able to help!

Historical Experience Days at King John’s House

Creative History has teamed up with King John’s House & Tudor Cottage Trust Ltd to create unique fact-based role-play and activity mornings set in a complex of Medieval, Tudor and Victorian buildings. Experience a hands-on, interactive, fun-packed, teacher-led, museum-based morning. Optionally add your own activities to create a full day’s visit.

Training Days

Off-Site Training Days.

These days have two themes: teaching of historical skills and improving historical knowledge.They offered in a range of  half-day, full-day and twilight sessions. The current topics cover historical empathy, chronology, using objects, developing historical arguments and judgements, what are history skills, prehistory with Dinosaurs, Stone Age, Bronze Age, Romans, Vikings, Saxons, The Maya, Food, Famous Faces and Events, Toys and Games. 

School or Individual INSET.

If by chance you would love to come on a training day and the dates or themes don’t suit consider booking a 1:1 or small group session. These can be more closely tailored to your needs. Costs are similar to a booking a character visit.


Creative History offers a range of artefacts for use in teaching or for your own interest. We will be expanding our range over time.  We also plan to introduce a range of worksheets and teaching packs.  If there is anything you would particularly like to see available please contact us.