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Creative History visits promote the development of historical skills and knowledge through active learning. Our extensive resources enable us to assemble a cornucopia of boxes, which, when unpacked, transform the learning space into a memorable visit. We are based in Hampshire, and regularly work across the south of England.

Founded by an experienced teacher in 2003 to add sparkle to the history curriculum, our visits and workshops are designed for busy teachers with busy lives who need practical classroom activities. Our replica artefacts and costumes are used for displays and interactive learning to enliven the visit.  We make the learning experience easier for teachers and pupils alike!

For a visit, choose between chronological or focused topics. Then opt for a period costumed character, historian or archaeologist for your visitor. Finally, select the type of visit to suit your budget:
Type 1: An interactive presentation with object handling,
Type 2: Add deeper object analysis to the presentation and handling to extend historical skills,
Type 3: Include experience workshops to deepen and widen understanding of the topics.

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We provide a wide range of visits offering some topics in overview and others in depth for both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Our visits are divided into categories as outlined below. Alternatively, please explore the web site through the menus and search tool.

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Visit Categories


Chronology days span several historical periods and cover one or more themes. Topics include: Toys & Games, Fashion, Food, Homes and Packaging & Textiles. For example, “The Toy Factory” includes comparisons between Egyptian, Tudor, Victorian and 20th Century toys. These days are also fantastic for supporting other curriculum areas.  For example we can look at the topics from Design and Technology, Art or Science perspectives.

Famous Events

A period costumed character or historian covers the topics of: The Great Fire of London, The Sinking of RMS Titanic, The Blitz and The First Man on The Moon.

Famous People

Explore the lives and achievements of famous historical individuals. Topics include: Comparing the Queens (Elizabeth I and II, Victoria), Guy Fawkes (gunpowder plot), Mary Anning (fossils), Mary Seacole (nursing), Florence Nightingale (nursing), Captain Arthur Rostron (the Captain of the Carpathia), Mary Davis (Titanic survivor) and Neil Armstrong (first man on the moon).

Historical Periods

Bring history to life when a period costumed character visits with a range of interesting objects and a story to tell.  We offer characters from the following British eras: Iron AgeRoman Britain, Anglo-SaxonViking, Medieval, Tudor, Stuart, Georgian, Victorian and EdwardianIn addition, an archaeologist or historian can bring the The Stone Age or Bronze Age to life.

Local Events and People

We cover significant historical events, people and places around Creative History’s base in Hampshire. Topics include Florence Nightingale, Sinking of the RMS Titanic (Mary Davis or Captain Arthur Rostron), Romsey Remount Depot (WWI).

Other Topics

A visit from a paleontologist character can resurrect Dinosaurs and Fossils in the minds of the children. Enjoy a visit from a period costumed character from Ancient Egypt or Ancient Greece. An Archaeologist or Historian can bring the The Maya to life.

Nursery Rhymes are often a commemoration of historical events and people. The visit looks at what nursery rhymes mean and explores them through reading, making, enacting and playing games.

Have you ever wondered just how archaeology works, or fancied an archaeological ‘hook’ to kick start a history topic? Then a visit from an archaeologist is the visit for you.

Historical Experience Days at King John’s House

Creative History has teamed up with King John’s House & Tudor Cottage Trust Ltd to create unique fact-based role-play and activity mornings set in a complex of Medieval, Tudor and Victorian buildings. Experience a hands-on, interactive, fun-packed, teacher-led, museum-based morning. Optionally add your own activities to create a full day’s visit.