1950 Britain is a fascinating time. Declared the’Age of the New Elizabethans’ by newspapers rather than enlightenment the early 1950’s were more of a struggle. The hopes for a better future were offset against the death of a king, coming to grips with surviving World War II and the change in Britain’s international position after the war. Issues of continued rationing, a lack of housing, employment issues, nationalisation and health provision all impacted everyday life. Perhaps this is why fashion, music and entertainment are upbeat and forward looking.

For a decade marking change from homeland war to peace the 1950’s offers a wealth of possibilities to explore.

Popular topics have been:

  • Housing; especially outside toilets
  • Rationing – still!
  • What’s in a average shopping basket?
  • Space – so begins the race to the stars
  • National health – what’s that ?

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