Characters Organised by Name

Aldis (Viking) is the daughter of a Viking trader who lived around A.D. 900. She tells the story of town life in Dane’s land, the Viking half of the country.

Alexander is a Roman Soldier as part of the Legionary Infantry currently posted to Vindolanda, near Hadrian’s Wall, in Northern Britannia.

Aléxandros is a wealthy Greek landowner living in the year 375BC. His main occupation is overseeing the building of city walls and tower defences in his home city of Karthea on the island of Keos in the Aegean Sea.

Betty (1950s) is moving to a prefab in North Baddesley. She is excited to be leaving the house she and her family share with her parents-in-law and Mrs Eddings. Rationing still exists and the war, though over, still impacts everyday life.

Captain Arthur Rostron is the highly capable captain of the Cunard liner RMS Carpathia. It is April 1912, and he has just returned to New York Harbour having heroically used his ship to rescue survivors of the RMS Titanic disaster.

Cara (Roman Britain) is a Celtic lady from the north of England living around A.D. 100. She tells the story of the Celtic way of life and how it was influenced by the Roman occupation.

Cecilia Mansford (Victorian, 1870s) – friend of Florence Nightingale. She tells the tale of a comfortable Victorian home.

Daphne (Ancient Greek) is travelling under the truce from Athens to the Olympics. Meet her on her journey and learn about her life.

Flavia Severina (Roman Britain) is a Roman lady from Venta Belgarum (Winchester) who lived around A.D. 150. She tells the life of a high ranking lady living on a Villa. Alexander can also accompany Flavia.

Isabella Beauford (Tudor) is a merchant’s daughter living in the 1550s. She tells the story of town life in Tudor times.

Jane the Baker (Stuart, 1660s) worked in a chocolate house before becoming homeless after the Fire of London.

Mary Davis (Edwardian) was a second class passenger on the RMS Titanic. A survivor of Lifeboat 13, she tells the story of that fateful night in 1912 that RMS Titanic was hit by an iceberg and what followed afterwards.

Mayan Archaeologists. The archaeologists have been hired to investigate the Mayans. Help them with their investigations.

Peter Webb is a Junior Archaeologist who normally researches British history, but has been asked by his museum to write a report about some exotic and exciting civilisations from ancient times.

Taia (Ancient Egyptian) is the wife of a minor Judge living in the Middle Kingdom period. She tells the story of family life during Ancient Egyptian times.

The Lady of the Keep (Mediaeval) – learn how castles became homes. Help the Lady sort through her bundles to recreate a Mediaeval home. Edwin the bearded – fearful in appearance until he takes his helmet off. He is sometimes employed to escort the Lady safely on her journey between homes.

Thomas Hooton has worked for the Romsey Remount Service, in Hampshire since World War One began.

Victoria Mansford (Victorian, 1870s), cousin of Cecilia. Her fortune has changed and she is now working as a governess. She tells the story of Victorian nursery-based childhood and the occasional trip to the seaside.