Build your own collection of ‘hands on resources’ available to you all of the time!

Holding artefacts up to the light, running your fingers over them and wondering at what they are as you look at them adds a sense of awe and wonder to lessons. Creative History offers a range of replica artefacts and display objects ideal for class based sessions. The replica artefacts are chosen for their relevance to the national curriculum and their ability to shed light on life at the time. These artefacts are selected to give teachers visual and kinesthetic ways to encourage learners to question their understanding.

Of course you don’t need to be in education to be interested in historical artefacts! We are happy to supply to individuals as well as schools.

We hope you enjoy our range of goods and find items to suit your needs. However, if you want something we don’t currently list, or would like a variant of a listed item, please contact us and we will try and help.

You can download and view are current catalogue here: Creative History Resources Brochure.

Please be aware that the items we sell are not toys appropriate to free-play. As many are replica artefacts made with the same or similar materials to the originals, children should always be supervised if allowed to handle these items. Creative History cannot be held responsible for any consequences caused by the misuse of these items.