Theme Days

Bring sparkle to your curriculum by having a Theme Day. Watch the impact as a combined history, science and DT exhibition sets up for your audience. Be prepared for a vocal journey that can take you from materials, to traditions, to function and method.

All of the themes are based upon historical evidence and archaeology. We don’t have what you are looking for? Please send us an email to let us know and we may be able to design a day to suite you!


Dinosaurs is a fun visit, that though technically not history, is much enjoyed by children. Charles Darwin, and optionally Mary Annings, introduce themselves and wonder at the great claw that has been found. This leads to discovering lots of information about dinosaurs and learning why palaeontology is regarded as separate from history. Further details can be found here.

The Stone Age

This section is under development, but we a stone age experience ready for you. Please contact us for further details.

The Archaeologists

The Archaeologists. Have you ever wondered just how archaeology works? Or fancied an archaeological ‘hook’ activity to kick start a history topic? Then this is the visit for you. Further details can be found here.

Homes : Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home is an exhibition of replica and authentic objects to do with home life from Ancient Egypt to Modern day. The day looks at the materials the objects are made from, changes in how they were made and their purpose. Further details can be found here.

Food : Yummy-Scrummy

Yummy-Scrummy is an adventure into foods from Celtic Britain to modern day. It takes common foods and looks at how they have changed over time. Or in some cases not. A colourful display of herbs, spices, fruits and more forms the backbone for the day. Further details can be found here.

Fashion : Twirl Around

Twirl Around is an exciting look at how costume has changed throughout British history. Don’t be surprised if the audience ends up modelling the clothes. Underwear to over wear this is a fun look at how clothing developed overtime. Further details can be found here.

Toys & Games : The Toy Factory

The Toy Factory is an exhibition of replica toys from Ancient Egypt to Modern day. The day looks at the materials toys are made from, changes in how they were made and their purpose. Further details can be found here.

Nursery Rhymes : Rhyme Tyme

Rhyme Tyme is a celebration of nursery rhymes linked to historical events and people. The day looks at nursery rhymes, what they mean, and explores them through reading, making, enacting and playing games. The activities are closely linked to “Foundation Stepping Stones”. Further details and pictures can be found here.

Packaging & Textiles – Historical Technology

‘Carry my lunch’ is a fun way of looking at how packaging has changed over the centuries. Comparing how a school child might have carried their lunch over time looks at how traditions of materials, packaging and foods have changed; or stayed the same. Further details can be found here.

Space : The First Moon Walk

Space and the First Moon Walk. This is a fun look at the race to the moon and the first moon landing. If your KS1 assessment is a recount of the first moon walk then this visit is designed for you. Equally, if you would like to look at Space travel in terms of technological development since 1930 then this visit can be tailored to suit you. Further details can be found here.

How a Day Works

The exhibitions and presenter will visit for a half or whole school day (with breaks). Presentations can be as short as 30 minutes or for as long as your children will sit (up to 2 hours). Several presentations can be given over the day. Or a mixture of presentations and workshops. Any extra time could be used for other activities such as questioning the historian, observational drawing by children, discussing classroom follow-up work with teachers. Your choice!


The presenter (or her historian alter-ego) can run workshops with the children in conjunction with the teachers. Additional information on the workshops available with each theme is presented on the theme’s own page.

Booking a Theme Day

Interested in booking a Theme Day? Click here to make a booking enquiry and here to find out what it costs.