Space : The First Moon Walk

This is a packed visit combining whole group presentations, smaller group role-plays and fun finding-out activities.

The visit starts with a presentation telling the story of the space race. It starts with the rivalry between two countries to be the first into space, and then the race to be the first to put a man on the Moon. Using short video clips from the archives the narrator takes the audience through the story as though they were there. After this the audience are used to mark out the outline of a Saturn V rocket to enable them to start to understand just how big they were. For fun, we then have the adults seeing who can fire the highest rocket.

This introduction can be combined with a role-play and/or workshops to suit you.


‘First Moon Landing’ role-play. Suitable for groups from 10 to 30 children. The group is split into 3 and rotated around three scenarios; each with their own sets of props and costume pieces. If time allows, by the end of a 45 – 60 minute session all the participants will have been astronauts, in Mission Control and television reporters.


Options include:

  • Astronaut food tasting.
  • Seeing how high you can make a rocket go (as demonstrated by adults in the first session).
  • Design a space station.
  • Making a souvenir zig-zag book.
  • Become a news reader and using models, report the event.
  • Astronaut training.
  • Safe landings!