Visitor Costings

We recognise that pupil numbers vary. To be more effective for small schools we have a costing formula based on pupil numbers, visitor fee, mileage and specialist materials.

Visitor Fee. The visitor fee depends on how many of us come. One visitor is £240 for a whole-day session and £140 for a half-day session.  If desired, the whole-day session with one visitor can feature two different characters at no extra cost.  Alternatively, a Character half-day can be combined with a Chronology Theme half-day.  However, in both cases time (about an hour) must be allowed for the visitor to change costumes and setup for the second session. Each additional visitor is an extra £150 for a full-day and £100 for a half day.

Pupil Numbers. Each pupil participating in the visit costs an additional 60p or £1.70 depending on whether having core workshops or experience. This is to cover the cost of the logbooks and pencils, core workshops and other materials.

Specialist Materials. A core or experience workshop can be replaced by a specialist workshop that requires more expensive materials.  For example: cookery, jewellery, ceramics, tapestry weaving, peg dolls, ribbon favours, tuzzy-muzzies, or wire-work.  You can supply these materials yourself, or we can source them for you.

Mileage is charged at 45p per mile.  For one visitor, the number of miles is the total round-trip mileage from North Baddesley, Hampshire to your school.  If your school is 10 miles from North Baddesley the cost will be £9 (total of 20 miles @ 45p). If there is more than one visitor mileage is worked out for each visitor.

Overnight accommodation. Where a morning visit is typically more than 90 minutes travel from base an overnight stay will be needed. The costs vary but typically B&B outside of  the London area is about £80 and £95 within.

When you ready to enquire about booking a visitor please click here.
For out of school hours / weekend / holiday work, or general enquirers, please click here.

Terms: Fees are payable within 30 days of the invoice being issued.  Any cancellation made after the booking confirmation has been issued must be made in writing and will incur a fee to cover costs. Cancellations made between the booking confirmation being issued and 21 days of the character’s visit will incur administrative costs of £45 plus any pre-paid accommodation and transport. Cancellations made within 21 days of the character’s visit will additionally incur the cost of any one-off materials and £90 towards the character’s fee (which will be reduced if we are able to re-sell the day).