Ancient Egyptians

Ancient Egypt is a fascinating culture with over 7,000 years of  history to explore. Described as the first Nation, it was fabulously wealthy compared to its neighbours and enjoyed unique monuments that caused travellers like Herodotus (in 450BC)  to visit. Thanks to Napoleon’s interest in Ancient Egyptian relics (during his 1798–1801 campaign) not only did the Sphinx get its nose shot off but the treasures he collected later became spoils of war divided between his vanquishers. Displaying the captured ‘treasures’ to prove Napoleon’s defeat could be said to be the start of the modern fascination with this ancient culture. Indeed, today it is hard to find a modern culture around the world, that lives in towns and cities, which does not show evidence of Ancient Egyptian art or philosophy. Whether you compare the statues of Isis holding her child to later Christian models of Mary and Jesus, look at architectural aspects of Victorian buildings, or simply walk into ‘style shops’, echoes of the Ancient Egyptian culture are readily in evidence today.

So what to choose to learn about this amazing culture that rather than lose or throw an idea away appears to morph the new into the old?

Visiting Character


As the Mistress of the House of Kahotep, Taia enjoys a privileged life. But was it always so? Further details can be found here.

Ancient Egyptian Workshop Options

Some of the favourite workshops are:

  • The Creation story according to Ancient Egyptian lore – a living geography role-play
  • Life in Ancient Egypt – clothes, hygiene, food, leisure, homes, healthcare
  • Life as an Apprentice scribe
  • What happened when one of the slaves accidentally killed an Ibis.
  • Why Taia’s house works so well compared to that of an ordinary worker.
  • The year of the bountiful harvest.
  • Why the treatments for illnesses are far pleasanter today than in her time.
  • The ‘Tomb’
  • Why send for the doctor after the spell sayer?

Further information on how workshops operate is found here.

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