Guy Fawkes

On the 5th November 1605 Guy Fawkes and associates were arrested in the act of attempting to blow the Houses of Parliament. Their intention was to kill King James I and replace him with a monarch more amenable to their religious beliefs. To commemorate the plot’s failure King James I commanded a bonfire to be lit on Nov 5th as celebration of his having survived the plot.

Using interactive story telling the children are shown what is believed to have happened. This is then developed into an object handling and recording session. Experience workshops can also be added to the day to deepen and widen learning.    #GuidoFawkes  #GuyFawkes

Visiting characters

We offer two characters for this topic:

The Historian

The Historian tells the story of the Gun powder plot from a wider perspective. Starting with the months before the plot  learn what happened in November 1605  from the perspective of contemporary writers. Discover the consequences of small decisions and how an event over 350 years ago impacts life today.

Jane the Baker

Jane tells the story from a personal perspective.  #JanetheBaker

Her tales can include:

  • what her father told her about the events of 1605
  • the rhyme about the plot
  • how they celebrate Nov 5th in the mid 1660s
  • what life was like at the time
  • Why Guy was known as Guido

Guy Fawkes Workshops

Workshop Options include: Food, Dance, Artefact Analysis, Clothes, Hygiene, Medicine, Shopping, Money and role-plays. Further information on how workshops operate is found here.

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