Roman Britain

We offer four characters to present this period:


Alexander is a Roman Soldier currently posted to Vindolanda, near Hadrian’s Wall.


Cara is a Celtic lady from the north of England living around 100 A.D.

Flavia Severina

Flavia is a Roman lady from the south of Britannia living the 2nd century A.D.

Peter Webb

Pete is a Junior Archaeologist.

Historical Context

Romans – were we invaded, trading partners or pushed into the Roman Empire?  The more we research this subject the muddier the waters become. Life in the south 100 BC – 43 AD looks very similar to Roman Gaul,  but is it the same story in the north?

Also we we really only invaded twice by Romans – Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar?  And, if like Julius Caesar you leave rather than stay is it an invasion or raiding party?  He might have said Veni, Vidi, Vici (I came , I saw, I conquered)  in a letter  but did he really impact  life in Britain between 45BC and 43AD?  The Roman topic is fascinating – if you were a boy you were most definitely in a good position. If a girl – well that appears to be a completely different story. Six days for one gender to use the public baths and one for the other?  We will let you guess which gender was more favoured.

This topic has been a favourite for over 39 years and still brings surprises.  As new information comes to light with changes in interpretation, access to new evidence and improved technologies. The story of Roman Britain is further unfolding. A particular favourite is the re-examination of a group of metal struts, found in York.  Formally believed to be a Roman chair they proved to be a window frame that had held small panes of thick glass. Proving Roman houses in York had  the ability to have glass windows.