Mary Davis

March 2021 Successful Launch of ‘Titanic Survivor, Mary Davis – Virtual Visits’

A second class survivor, Mary’s Titanic experiences are split into five mini tales; taking the audience through her survivor’s story. The tales are interspaced with linked activities – looking at developing historical empathy, sequencing and knowledge. The virtual session, interleaving tales and activities is designed to take 60 minutes; with a 30 -45 minute follow-up. Potentially creating a half day experience for a learning group. Further information on how workshops operate is found here.

Who is Mary Davis?

Mary Davis was a second class passenger on the RMS Titanic. A survivor of Lifeboat 13, she tells the story of that fateful night Titanic was hit by an iceberg and what followed afterwards. If asked she can tell the story of life in the kitchens working for her fare, the differences between living in England and the USA at the time or tell you tales about first, second and third class life on board the Titanic.

Mary’s Visit

Following a courtesy voyage from the White Star company back to England, Mary has decided to return back to the USA. She has broken her journey at your school grateful for a safe place to rest. She has a range of packages and parcels containing various everyday items and gifts for family and friends. Travel worn and hungry, she may break her fast and unwrap parcels to check and discuss their content. Don’t be surprised if she starts house-training the audience!

There is no set script for the presentation, it depends on what artefacts or subjects interest the audience. However, the material can be steered in the direction(s) desired by class teacher. Teachers can opt to focus on the life on board the Titanic, the events after the sinking or take a broader sweep across Mary’s life and how it was impacted by the sinking of the Titanic.

Mary can talk about aspects of Edwardian life to do with medicine, health, food, leisure time, clothing, beliefs, family roles, houses, occupations, entertainments. Further information on how workshops operate is found here.

More details about a character visit can be found here.

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