Visit Booking Enquiry

Booking a visit involves agreeing a mutually compatible date and putting together a visit package that suits you.  We like to talk through your teaching needs to provide the most effective visit we can.  Once we have received your booking enquiry we will contact you to finalise the arrangements.  This includes matching the visitor’s tales, and the artefacts that they carry, to your teaching objectives (e.g. looking at clothes, leisure time, food, shelter).  Before you commit to the booking, we will advise you of the cost of the visit. At this point we will keep your provisional date available for two working weeks. Once we have your agreement we will issue a booking confirmation.

Please use the following form to make a booking enquiry. If you have a general question please contact us here. We appreciate there are a lot of fields to fill in but the information helps us to plan an effective visit for you. The more information you can provide up-front, the fewer questions we will need to ask you later! All fields are required except for those marked as optional. Please note that your details will only be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

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    What areas are most likely available to work in e.g. classrooms, hall, shared area?

    Are there any issues with access to, or usage of, the visitor's working area to set-up, over lunch, during breaks, and packing-up? For example, clearing the hall over lunch to use as a dining area.

    How will the school secure the visitor's resources in the working area when the visitor takes a break (e.g. over lunch, costume changes, comfort breaks)?

    What arrangements will the school make for the visitor to park? The visitor usually arrives with heavy boxes and other resources and requires easy parking and easy access to the working area.

    Is there anything else we need to know? Allergies, special needs, disabilities, OFSTED/HMI visit, concurrent/conflicting activities?