Dinosaurs and Fossils

This is a fun visit, though technically not history, is much enjoyed by children. Mary Anning introduces herself and wonders at the great claw that has been found. She uses the audience to make a reasonable guess at just how large this creature was. And then creates a timeline to show how far back the dinosaurs are from human history. This then leads to the sorting game – naming types of dinosaurs and whether they were prey or predators. Next come the workshops.


Options include:

  • Who made these foot steps? Children make trails of foot prints in clay or plasticine.
  • Guess what creature this is? Handle and examine fossils; identify what they are/were.
  • Make a mini clay dinosaur.
  • Make a finder’s note book (simple sketches of fossils and bones).
  • Whose skull was this? Look at and describe skulls of current animals and guess what type of fossil they would make.
  • Design a dinosaur – use the sorting game information to create a new dinosaur.

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