Nursery Rhymes : Rhyme Tyme

Rhyme Tyme is a celebration of nursery rhymes linked to historical events and people. The day looks at nursery rhymes, what they mean, and explores them through reading, making, enacting and playing games. The activities are closely linked to “Foundation Stepping Stones” but can easily be extended to older children’s skill sets.

Scenario 1

The children meet the Lady from Banbury. Using scrolls they choose from her basket she retells nursery rhymes with the help of puppets, model making and drama. (Can be hall or class based).

Scenario 2

The audience help the Lady from Banbury find her lost key. Together they have an adventure solving puzzles based on Nursery rhymes before discovering the lost key. (Needs a hall).

Ryme Tyme Workshops

Workshop Options include: mapping, using quills or dipping pens, hat making, toy making, book making.Further information on how workshops operate is found here.

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