The Bronze Age

8,000 – 800 BCE  The Age of Metals begins

We offer two characters to present this period:

The Historian

Meet the Historian putting the jigsaw of research together.  The visits starts with a very short overview of the topic. The audience then become detectives and undertake various activities designed to encourage them to find extra information. During the final session they are invited to suggest information that could be added to the initial presentation.

The Professor

The Professor is a fun character, nearly always in a pickle. Things have got lost, a box was broken, things have been muddled!  The audience help the Professor to unravel her current dilemma. Along the way they develop their history skills by becoming seekers, searchers, finders or makers.

Puzzles the Professor needs help with:

  • Unmuddling the collection.
  • Putting together an outfit
  • Sorting the funny time words
  • Creating the history work bank
  • Finding the chronological order
  • Digging for treasure

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Historical Context

The Bronze Age sees the beginning of the use of metal. Initially tin, gold and copper. Tin and copper are then combined to make bronze. Additionally amber, jet, glass and salt are traded across Europe.

Stone tools and jewellery remain useful, augmented by the easier to make bronze versions.  Settlements continue to grow – some housing hundreds of people. Defensive weapons begin to be apparent.