Other Topics

This section covers other popular topics that do not easily fit elsewhere.

Dinosaurs and Fossils

Dinosaurs and Fossils is a fun visit, that though technically not history, is much enjoyed by children. The Paleontologist , or Mary Anning, introduce themselves and wonder at the great claw that has been found. This leads to discovering lots of information about prehistoric life and learning why paleontology is regarded as separate from history. Further details can be found here.

Ancient Egypt

7,000 BCE – 30 CE. Pyramids, mummies, unusual medicines, amazing houses, fascinating gods Ancient Egypt is a fascinating culture with over 7,000 years of history to explore. Shall we build a pyramid? Set up trading links ? Open up the makeup box without incurring Horus’ wrath ? Further details can be found here.

Ancient Greece

4,000 BCE to 400 BCE (or should that be 1483 C.E)? Calling themselves Hellenes and living in City States rather than as one nation the Ancient Greeks were a force to contend with. Through trade they settled the Mediterranean area and had influence as faraway as Albion (Britain). Further details can be found here.

The Maya

Further details can be found here.


Have you ever wondered just how archaeology works? Or fancied an archaeological ‘hook’ activity to kick start a history topic? Then this is the visit for you.Further details can be found here.

Nursery Rhymes

Rhyme Tyme is a celebration of nursery rhymes linked to historical events and people. The day looks at nursery rhymes, what they mean, and explores them through reading, making, enacting and playing games. The activities are closely linked to “Foundation Stepping Stones”.Further details can be found here.

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