Captain Arthur Rostron

Who is Arthur Rostron?

Arthur Rostron is the highly capable captain of the Cunard liner RMS Carpathia. It is April 1912, and he has just returned to New York Harbour having heroically used his ship to rescue survivors of the RMS Titanic disaster.

The White Star Line company, who built Titanic, are actually the main competition for the Cunard shipping line that Captain Rostron works for. Captain Rostron is a truly good and ethical sailor. He instantly changed Carpathia’s course to seek out survivors when he received the wireless signal indicating that Titanic was sinking.

Captain Rostron’s Visit

Captain Rostron can explain all about his experience of the shipping industry, competition between companies and nations, and the development of the Titanic. He can recount rescued passengers’ experiences of life aboard the Titanic, her maiden voyage, the disaster, and how he received the message that help was needed and sailing his ship to the rescue.

There is no set script for the presentation, it depends on what artefacts or subjects interest the audience. However, the material can be steered in the direction(s) desired by class teacher. Teachers can opt to focus on the historical events that led to the creation of the Titanic, life aboard the Titanic on her maiden voyage, or the rescue of the survivors.

Captain Rostron can also talk about aspects of Edwardian life to do with medicine, health, food, leisure time, clothing, beliefs, family roles, houses, occupations, and entertainments.Further information on how workshops operate is found here.

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