Comparing The Queens

This is a fun topic comparing the everyday lives of some of the Queens of England – you can choose from Mary I (Tudor), Elizabeth I,(Tudor/Elizabethan) Victoria (Victorian), or Elizabeth II (Winsor) and opt to look at decisions, houses, food, household items, toys and games.

The visit frequently starts with meeting the Lady-in-Waiting of one of Queens. Through an interactive conversation the audience learn how to meet the Queen and about aspects of her life. Then a series of workshops allows the audience discover more information about the queens.

Visiting characters

We offer three characters for this topic

The Historian

The Historian’s stories of the Queens give a wider overview of their lives and how they impact life today. By comparing the similarities and differences between the Queens the audience develops a sense of how their lives are affected by the decisions of  these ladies. What food did Elizabeth I design that are enjoyed today ? Why did Mary’s choice of husband decide who can be Queen today? How do Victoria’s traditions guide celebrations today?

Isabella de Beauford

Isabella is the Tudor / Elizabethan lady-in-waiting to Mary I and Elizabeth I. Two very different sisters, two very different Queens.       #MaryI   #ElizabethI   #Isabella de Beauford

Cecilia Mansford 

Cecilia is one of many ladies-in-waiting to Queen Victoria. She spends about one month a year assisting her majesty.          #Cecilialadyinwaiting   #QueenVictoria

Comparing the Queens Workshops

Workshop options include: What Type of  Pen?, Let’s Eat Cake, Toys and Games, Coin designing, Where’s your manners?, Laying a table, Meet and Greet, Queen Dancing, Object handling with Recording, and Medicines.Further information on how workshops operate is found here.

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