Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale (1820 – 1910) known as the ‘Lady of the Lamp’is famous for the changes she brought about in nursing. The contrast between a simple grave marked with the letters FN in Hampshire and the pomp of the commemorative statue and museum in London sums up the contrasts in her life. Determined, resourceful, and resolute it was her ability to use data handling to convey the seriousness of what she was learning about healthcare that is responsible for a lot of modern day practices.

Visiting characters

We offer two characters for this topic:

The Historian

The Historian tells the story of Florence from a wider perspective. Her adventures in the Crimea are just a small part of what she achieved: traveling across the World; using her skills to collate information and then use mathematics to foster change; choosing to risk her life to go the Crimea; ignoring obstacles and prejudices to do what she saw as right, and the support she had to create a training establishment for nurses.

Cecilia Mansford

Cecilia tells Florence’s ┬ástory from the perspective of a friend. Her tales can include:

  • The prejudices of the times and their impact on Florence
  • Why initially the training school was not a top priory
  • What the British Hotel was like and why Florence Nightingale disapproved of it
  • Florence’s life and places she visited
  • Her mathematical genius with data handling
  • How she finally managed to train as a nurse

Florence Nightgale Workshops

Workshop Options include: Food, Dance, Artefact Analysis, Clothes, Hygiene, Medicine, Shopping, Money and role-plays. Further information on how workshops operate is found here.

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