Anglo-Saxon Character : Neldar

Neldar is the daughter of an Anglo-Saxon reeve. Originally her family are from the Saxony area. Invited (with pay) by Vortigern her grandfather travelled to Briton. However, when Vortigern refused to pay for her Grandfather’s labour he simply moved his family in.  Neldar tells the tale of how her family first settled in Briton and what their life was life before the coming of the Christians.

Neldar’s Visit

Dressed in Anglo-Saxon high fashion, Nelda meets your pupils during a break on her journey and chats about her life. Objects from her packages are used to enhance her stories. Children are encouraged to participate in role-play (slaves, servants and friends), which may include getting “dressed-up”. Don’t be surprised if she starts table training you.

There is no set script for the presentation, it depends on what artefacts or subjects the audience become interested in. However, the material can be steered in the direction(s) desired by class teacher.


If desired, Nelda (or her historian alter-ego) can run workshops with the children in conjunction with the teachers. Or, teachers can opt to run these themselves whilst the character works with another group/class. Workshop themes can include: Drop-Spinning, Food, Quill writing, Dance, Artefact Analysis, Clothes, Hygiene, Medicine, Shopping, Money, Tapestry weaving, Tisane making, Costume and Toys.

Examples of ‘Experience Workshop’ options:

  • Excavating and Analysing finds – dig for treasure.
  • Looking over the Traders offerings – exploring the Trader’s goods and trying your hand at bartering for the goods.
  • Games – try your hand at games that Anglo-Saxons would recognise.
  • Quill writing – create your copy of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle
  • Tisane making – try your hand at creating Anglo-Saxon style drinks. Discover if Nettles sting when you drink them!
  • What’s for eating today?  Look at a range of foods, identify them then record what you have found.  If time compare then to what is available today.
  • Setting the table and feasting – set up a typical Anglo-Saxon table then look at the typical foods for an average family.  If time design a meal that would comfort rather than worry an Anglo-Saxon.

More details about a character visit can be found here.

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