Ancient Greek Character : Daphne

Who is Daphne?

Daphne’s chariot team won at the last Olympics. Although, as married lady she was not allowed to watch the race; as the teams owner she can wear their winner’s ribbon. She is hoping her team will be successful this year.

Ancient Greek’s Visit

Meet Daphne as she travels under the truce from Athens to the Olympics. She is very pleased to pause for a rest at your school. Confused that you call her a Greek rather than a Hellene, she uses the audience to create a living timeline of Ancient Greek history. Taking you from the Minoans (with the Minortaur legend) to the end of the Roman empire, they look at significant names, events, styles of art, pottery and helmets.

If time, she then moves to looking at the legend of Odysseus and the Minotaur – expect the audience to become the narrator’s actors in this great story. Or, the 5 days of the Olympic games. Alternatively, maybe you would like to explore the packages and parcels containing various everyday items and gifts for family and friends. Travel worn and hungry, she may break her fast and unwrap a sack lunch to check and discuss its content.

There is no set script for the presentation, it depends on what artefacts or subjects the audience become interested in. However, the material can be steered in the direction(s) desired by class teacher.


If desired, the character (or her historian alter-ego) can run workshops for the children in conjunction with the teachers. Or teachers can opt to run these themselves whilst the character works with another group/class. Workshop themes can include: design your own Ancient Greek outfit; looking at coins and how the Greeks introduced coins to the Mediterranean; look at food by unpacking a sack lunch or sampling foods; look at the development of writing and then translate your name or a message.

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